Don't get burned


You were expecting this...


But found this?! Destroyed equipment? Vault missing?

Their lock took less than 10 seconds to break into. Lock ruined. Money gone! Easy pickins’ for the bad guys. Crooks count on a quick job & a fast getaway. Stops thieves cold!

*Our lock was punished by a red hot cutting torch for more than 10 minutes. Then we used a cut off tool for more than 5 minutes & still were unsuccessful in penetrating the lock. It’s still intact! The lock cylinder is still fully functional!

Thieves can cut through a standard steel lock with a common cutting torch in less than 10 seconds. They seriously damage your equipment. Take your money. Cost you time and aggravation.

Our US made stainless steel locks are thicker, denser, and significantly stronger than standard locks. We tested them with both torches and cutting tools. The torches were unable to penetrate the lock within 10 minutes and we even tried using a cutting tool for 5 minutes. Thieves count on a quick job and a fast getaway. If you want a lock that can’t be burned, can’t be cut...get TorchProof locks!

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